What We Do

What We Do

What we do

Australia Food and Wines enables Chinese partners to find accredited suppliers in Australia to meet your local city requirements. We will look after your trade in Australia across multiple commodities and disciplines. You can visit with us and we can provide accommodation, local transport and business meetings directly with the accredited suppliers. We will arrange the purchase orders , the consolidation into Air or Sea freight, warehousing and distribution giving you complete visibility of your operations in Australia before the arrival into China.

We belong to a multiple of Australian food and wine industry associations and we liaise with key government contacts at both local province and State Council level to ensure all products introduced directly to our Chinese clients will exceed the quarantine and import permit requirements upon arrival in China. We can introduce private labels so you can have your own branding in China and grow your customer base and business.

How It Works

How It Works

How it Works

Once your company has been identified as a current or potential importer into China by Australia Food and Wines we need the following information from you
- Commodity Required
- Volumes Required
- Dates. Required
- Quality. Required
- Packaging. Required
We will then contact our qualified stable of suppliers and provide indicative pricing and specifications of the products. When you move to confirm the order you will receive the finalised pricing directly from the supplier in Australia this way it is an open invoice We have limited opportunities for agencies in China

What We Offer

What We Offer

What we offer

Australia Food and Wines are your partner for all Australian sourced product.
Clean / Safe / Fresh products
Direct pricing from Accredited Suppliers
Direct Negotiation from Accredited Suppliers
Direct access to Farm / Vineyard / Manufacturer
We are your local office to source the right products at the right price to meet the expectations of your local province. You always know where your products are, they will be visible through the supply chain from your original purchase order directly with the supplier through to arrival at the port / airport in China

Packaged Food


What is the cost to me dealing with Australia Food and Wines?

This is what makes Australia Food and wines different than the rest. We work on a cost plus basis (open book / open invoice) providing you the actual suppliers invoice to be paid for the products. We work exclusively with suppliers where we maintain a relationship where we can share that same trust with you our client. The percentage charged is dependent on value of the product being bought along with the frequency of orders Australia Food and wines should be considered as an extension to your business –
we are your overseas office sourcing products for you in Australia.

What quality of products can you supply?

Australia Food and Wines source on your behalf only medium to high end quality products. We are not interested in the low end business market to compete with country of destination products.
Freight/Supply Chain
We can supply FCA or DAP (incoterm internet link)
Due to our experience and buying power in the Australian market we have struck up strategic supplier alliances to enable us to pass our cost savings to our clients via the supply chain.
When dealing with low value commodities where the airfreight can make up 200% of the cost of goods this is where we can help give you the competitive edge.
As the importer to the destination country –
you must check with your local authorities what paperwork / testing is required to enable you to bring the goods you wish to purchase into your country.

Do you have an Office in China?

Australia Food and Wines do have presence in China (Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Tianjin) –
we maintain representative offices with Sales and marketing staff who can help with your queries for pricing and samples. Our Australian staff are in China every 2-3 months and would be happy to meet with you to discuss your future requirements.

What if we want to come to Australia to visit?

We welcome our customers to visit our wineries, factories, manufacturing plants and farms to see first-hand the quality of the products that Australia exports. We can provide accommodation, transport and guides.

Are we able to meet with the farms of factories?

Yes we would like you to meet and negotiate directly while you are in Australia as we are interested in long term relationships not short term gain.
We want to buy Fresh Milk from Australia
Australia Food and Wines are able to help you purchase fresh milk in bulk. Our suppliers meet all CIQ requirements. We have access to fresh Milk arriving weekly into Shanghai for you to sample.
Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)
Australia Food and wine supply only in commercial quantities of product. We are a business to business supplier. Each commodity MOQ is dependent on commercial value. Please contact us for more information.

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